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OK im cheating….
May 11, 2009, 3:41 pm
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ok om cheating writting two blogs at the same time what can i say im just one of those sporadic bloggers i do a lot at any one time of blogging what can i say i like to think about topics for a while before i blog about them it allows me to thiink about it from more than one perpective. anyway enough on that iive have for a wee bit of time been thinking about the anzac assigment that as you might notice is due today so all finished with the thought train and now on to the subject involvment in world war II as seen in the amount of casualties lost per capita ive just been looking at numbers of dead compared to the population and its amazing how high the death rate was in the smaller countries such as new zealand wheere 1/60 of the population died compared to south africa 1/630 or belgium 1/1260 which is a small country in the middle of this great big war! so it has become a large part of our history as so many people in our population where personally affected by the dea th of somebody that they knew this is true of australia 1/72 as well and is refelected in the way that they celebrate anzac day with us. i dont no but i wonder if the same is said about the united kingdom it would be interesting to find out and see if they hold a certain day to celebrate their fallen in the same manner. ill finish it their for now more will come soon i shall investigate!


Web Comics- and my ritual checking…
May 11, 2009, 3:25 pm
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so ive been thinking about little rituals that i have in my day to day activities and i have kind of noticed a trend of checking a few wewb comics that i read on the net when ever i log on to a computer to read the new updates. now the webcomics all update at different times in the week sum are daily sum are weekly and others are just randomly updated updated either sporadicly or constaintly. so if i want to keep upto date with them i have to check often, but the problem with that is that i dont have a connection in my flat because we havent really been to fussed about it. this leads to me always checking these webcomics whenever i go on a computer that has internet connection so that i can read them, now most of these comics are written by synical people who are looking in my opinion at the world in a rather humourus way. black humour you might say, anyway i think thats enough on this topic ive pretty much described my habit in detail and theres links to the web comics if you want to have a gander at them, who noes you might like wat you read.

Nazi germany 1936 olympiad
April 8, 2009, 10:49 am
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as i was reading the article about nazi germany i was very intrigued at the way that they used so many symbols and ritualistic processes to get nessecary work done to complete the olympic games. just the size and scale of some of the rituals plus the greek and nazi mythos that was promoted was very intrigueing in the way that they were promoting pyhsical purity and teamwork instead of the olympic spirit. also the way in which the eventas and actions of the nazi games committe to make sure that as many people in germany participated in the games is pretty extrodinary but now that i think about it china did many simalar things in the last  olympics as did australia before them in the way that symbols were added to localise and give the games character the germans with there bell and the adding of the eagle to the 5 olympic rings and australias aboriginal/boomarang running man and chinas red stamp symbol of a running man amd also the way in which the way that the olympic games have mascots really if we think about it has the olympic games changed much over the years since 1936 or is it still a political tool to instill within a country pride and unity? and also the whole showcasing the country to the world as the last olympics were ment to show case chinas emergence to the modern world.

i was also very surprised to find out that the olympic torch relay was started by the germans as i had thought that it was something that hjust happened. it is pretty peculiar that it survived the nazi olympiad and continues to this day and is seen as uniting the world in anticpation to the games.

i find it pretty humourous the way in which the 1936 olympiad was so transformed into a propaganda tool in so many ways some of which didnt have anything to do with the olympics but were power as they were linkeed to the games and so gained acceptance due to this link

so anth its pretty BIG!
March 11, 2009, 11:01 am
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i have no idea what to write ive read so many reading and yet my mind is blank except for one question why is it that people have to champion one form of anth research over another (thick description vs thin) why cant we just have two different methods that are assessed in two different ways  why cant thiick and thin description be friends and use there complimentary knowledge to futher the knowledge that we have and the understanding of the people that are being studied why is that people in general must have a superior way of thinking or observing? couldnt they just work together to study the same village or group and then colaborate to see both a thick description of a society and a thin overview that can the be generalized over the whole population that is in the study? otherwise theres no real point in studying them if you cant look at case studys written in depth (which might contradict each other at times) so we can understand the culture and then thin descriptions that allow us to relate the culture both to our own and to others that have and will be studied.. i dont no why these to schools of thought cant just make friends and improve anth together instead of having to argue over the semantics of stuying a culture.

anyway im not to sure really… i thought id just throw it out there maybe they have made friends by now and im just looking at the past…

The 1st post
March 3, 2009, 3:07 pm
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Yay this is the first  post, aint I a happy guy!

Cant wait till this blog devourers  me and it ends up to be the only thing i have to live for… well thats not really that likely to happen but a guy can wish cant he

any who this should be a fun disaster